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April 24, 2012
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Fangirl Obsession Targets by KittyCowLexa Fangirl Obsession Targets by KittyCowLexa
Edit: 12-10-12
Oh man! This has gotten more comments than I expected it to, and I've really enjoyed reading them! Thank you all so much! lol! It's actually a relief to know that the world isn't COMPLETELY filled with rabid fangirls. :phew::XD:

In case you can't read what it says on the chalk board, it reads:

"Fangirl Elimination Project

Sephiroth ✔
Lord Shen ✔
Lord Girahim ✔
Greed-ler ✔
Vanitas ✔"

Yep, Shadow is absent from the meeting. =P

IN case you hadn't already guessed, this picture is supposed to be a meeting of creepy villains who are the targets of unhealthy fangirl obsessions. :iconblankstarenodplz:

BUT before I begin my rant, I'll talk a bit about the art. :iconthatsrightplz:

I had a lot of fun drawing this piece. :XD: The colors ended up balancing themselves a lot better than I had thought they would. :D It was interesting to draw so many kinds of different characters. I wasn't sure I'd be able to draw Shen, but I think he came out pretty well. ^^ Also, I love my white gel pen.

So the dark side really DOES have cookies! ...they just may not want to share them. =P

So...any theories about what Vanitas is saying to Shen?

Now begins my rant about each of these villains. If you obsess over any of them and are easily offended, now would be the time to stop reading. ^^;

*ahem* So, I think that I'll start the rant in order from the least to the most creepy (in my own personal opinion) starting with Shadow.

Shadow: Okay, now don't consider me a totally hypocrite for this one, but I used to have a crush on Shadow. I don't think that it's abnormal or unhealthy to like him, but what gets scary is when one takes it just too far. Liking him as a reformed(ish) character who's still dark and mysterious...? Totally understandable. :nod: But liking him as a sadistic, brooding, power hungry creep with absolutely NO compassion? Creepy. Just down right creepy. Seriously, what's the appeal there, nevermind what besides. >__>

I still haven't pinned down exactly what it is that makes Sephiroth SO desirable to some people. Okay, so he has a nice build. And a girly face. So does everyone else in the Final Fantasy games. Is it the long silver hair? The one dark wing? The monotone way of speaking? What? Personally I find him to be exceedingly boring. Seriously, he's not even interesting as a villain like a lot of these others are. He's the dark side of Cloud. Cloud kills him, continues to have dark thoughts, and Sephiroth comes back AGAIN! *gasp* We ALL have dark thoughts sometimes. Can you imagine if everyone had their own personal "Seohiroth"? We'd all be so preoccupied with a never-ending battle to defeat our dark selves that we'd never get anything done!

Greed-ler: Mind you, I'm not talking about the "Once-ler" in general. No, I'm talking specifically about greedy Once-ler, or "Greed-ler". Again, I can understand people liking the Once-ler (heck, a few years ago, I probably would have had a crush on him =P) but to be SO attracted to his greedy self? He's a total jerk! A scumbag! He'd steal candy from a baby! He'd steal the coins off a dead man's eyes and then sue for theift! And anyway, last I looked, there was a whole army of people who hated anyone who cut down a single tree. So what's with the obsession with the guy who chops down ALL of the trees without a second thought...and all for the sake of GREED! When did GREED become so attractive? I mean, am I the only one who finds it totally repulsive or what!?

Shen: You guys, Shen is a bird. case you haven't noticed. So without having the excuse of "he's hot" (at least, I HOPE that excuse has never been used O_O) what's the appeal there? Don't get me wrong, he's an AWESOME villain! They did a really good job making him a totally realistic psychopath. But...what is there to like about him? He's...he's...a PSYCHO! Seriously, don't you just want to strangle him? He gets some kind of sick pleasure at watching people be blown to bits!!! That. Is. CREEPY! If you knew someone like that in real life, I don't think you would want to be their love interest, now would you? least, I hope not.

Vanitas: Vanitas is a personification of the darkness in Ven's heart. Not like Sephiroth, though. All of the darkness was taken OUT of Ventus because he refused to use it, and that's when Vanitas was born. He's your typical school bully made 50 times worse and a murderer. There is absolutely NO compassion there. NONE! At ALL!! In fact I think that he's too preoccupied with causing pain and suffering to even THINK about anything else. ...and if THAT is why fangirls go for him, I think that the world is a little more messed up than I thought. :no: Let's hope it's just because of his...looks? Okay, so he looks just like Sora, but why not go for Sora if that's the case? Doesn't his creepy expression just totally ruin anything that MIGHT be even slightly attractive? I think so. :stare:

Girahim: Oh. My. Gosh. Oh my gosh. Seriously, guys. ....seriously. Girahim is a DEMON!! YUCK!! I mean...what else is there to SAY!? He looks more reptilian than he does human, and his skin looks like it feels like ice to the touch, and his EYES!! UGH!! You know, as far as villains go, I'd say he was pretty well designed, but...but this is almost overkill. And yet I've seen many fangirls who are interested in him! WHAT!? EEWW!! :iconidontloveitplz:

That is all. :meow:

Sephiroth & Vanitas (c) Square Einx
Shadow the Hedgehog (c) Sega
Lord Shen (c) Dreamworks
Girahim (c) Nintendo
Once-ler (c) Dr. Seuss
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Jimma1300 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
So true

Fangirls ruin villains
Enemom Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
What about Dark fangirls??
KittyCowLexa Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm actually not familiar with Dark, so I'm not sure. XD
Enemom Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Just look up darkxdaisuke, and you will see what I am talking about
Konloko Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Shen? Really? There are Shen fangirls? ...I wouldn't have guessed. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised, considering stuff like Hatoful Boyfriend exists...

Oh lord...but seriously, this is blast from the fangirly past I'd rather not revisit. :XD: I crushed on Sephiroth and especially Shadow like crazy when I first discovered them, and I think because of that they tend to annoy me now. Right now, I just started Skyward Sword and I'm already in love with Girahim's character--not that kind fangirling, hell to the no, I mean like he's so flamingly FABulous and delightfully creepy and oh my gosh I just can't help but be intrigued by disquieting characters like this. :lol:
hedgenig Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
I agree whole heartedly. I bet the only reason that the fangirls like sephiroth is because of his nice muscular body . His face is a tad feminine for my tastes ( In some scenes sephiroth almost looks like a girls face photoshopped on a male body.XD), but you gotta admit he has a great body. I would never excuse sephiroth of his evil deeds just cuz of his nice body, that's pretty creepy. Have you ever played final fantasy 7? Because there sephiroth actually has a personality, a backstory and is a great villain. I won't spoil anything for you if you haven't played yet (spoilers are evil).

WTF Ghirahim has fangirls? Ewww. I haven't played skyward sword, but he seems soo creepy and nasty. The Shen fangirls the creepiest in my book because he isn't even humanoid like the others on the list. They don't even have the excuse of him being sexy to overlook his G evil deeds .I can't believe Shadow has fangirls. Eww. He's not even remotely sexy. (unless you're a furry which is creepy).

The funny thing is if any of these villains were real, the fangirls would probably run away really fast away from them.
Mudfire10 Featured By Owner May 31, 2012  Student General Artist
it would make my life 10000x more exciting.

i am proud to say i dont have a sick obsession with any of these characters. i like some of them, maybe wish to meet some (boredom does that to u), but i am not in love with any.
i am with u on... really all of this. especially the shadow one. characters with dark sides are cool, but i cant stand to see anyone obsess over one person, real or fiction.
soraprincess Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
I agree I mean it's one thing to see a charter and think hey there kinda cute then move on but to be obssed I will never understand fangirls sheesh good rant though that will show some fangirls to get abit of a life lol : p
faerietale456 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wait, someone's crushing on a character that DR. SEUSS made?! How is that even physically possible?!
And Vanitas was never attractive to me because of his weird laugh...
KittyCowLexa Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, right? :rofl: Yet you can see it all over tumblr if you run in certain circles. XD

Yeah, it's his creepiness that kills it for me too. :fear: I used to think that Sora was cute (I probably still would if he were just a teensy bit older) but Vanitas... Well, being a creepy jerk always ruins any possible physical attraction. At least, in my opinion it does. :no:
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